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cdTree 3.1.4

cdTree 3.1.4: Catalogs CDs and Audio CDs to enable content searching, printing and exporting catalog, whether it is a folder, a drive, a file or even a file within a Zip catalog. cdTree allows you to work with multiple catalogs consisting of multiple categories per catalog, so you can group your CDs based on their type or location or any other classification. It also enables you to password protect a specific catalog. The tool utilizes Drag & Drop to move CDs and categories around. It also provides a graphical chart to represent the ratios

Music Library Organizer Pro 3.02: Easily catalog music library collections, manage member and circulation data.
Music Library Organizer Pro 3.02

Music Library Software for Windows. Music Library Organizer Pro is for small private, public, or corporate libraries. Library software designed to manage activities of your movie library: easily catalog cds, tapes (auto cataloging supported), manage member information, keep track of the check-in and check-out transactions. Includes free add-ons: web library browser, stand alone check in/out , auto-cataloging, library designer

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SI Cataloguer 3.0: Organize files and movies. Catalog your entire CD and DVD collection.
SI Cataloguer 3.0

Cataloguer, and it will index the contents of your discs completely automatically, once and forever! SI Cataloguer performs the indexing of all files and data such as picture properties, EXIF and MP3 ID3 tags on your entire collection of CDs and DVDs. The newly released SI Cataloguer 3.0 enters ZIP, 7zip and RAR archives, and indexes their content as if they were folders. You`re no longer limited to a file name; use any property of a file to locate

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Disclib 2.0.50: Disclib is a CD/DVD collection organizer cataloging program.
Disclib 2.0.50

Disclib is a CD collection organizer program. It may be used as a catalogue of CDs. After creating the catalogue, disclib stores file and folder names and tree, allows user to categorize folders and files, and allows searching all the files from the collection CDs without need to place them in CD reader. Disclib may place in the catalogue any windows folder not only folders on CDs. Disclib has a customizable Multilanguage functionality.

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EZ Thumbnail Builder 1.9.1: Create photo album, image thumbnail and product photo catalog in HTML pages
EZ Thumbnail Builder 1.9.1

catalog with a few mouse clicks, including product catalog, photo catalog, gift catalog, furniture catalog etc! Just add your photos, select the style and layout of your online catalog. Your online catalog has come to live! The online catalogs are in HTML and JPEG formats, compatible with all computers. People who run a web site to show and sell their products will benefit from this catalog software. People who send their product catalogs via CDs

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Mediastate 2.0: Track the creation, movement & destruction of all source and backup media.
Mediastate 2.0

Mediastate 2.0 is a web-based solution for tracking the creation, movement and destruction of all your server backup media, and for cataloging all your original CDs. Media can be tracked against different geographical locations for your company, and is designed to be personalised in that only relevant information is visible to individuals. Mediastate has International support and can be used in most English speaking countries.

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WinCatalog 2008 2.7: A Program for Cataloguing Discs, Folders and Files with Powerful Search Option.
WinCatalog 2008 2.7

Catalog Works WinCatalog works very simple. It catalogues files and folders on all your CDs, DVDs and hard drives, and builds fast index that lets you locate any file or folder almost instantly - without having to reach for the original CD or DVD! Indexing. In order to locate files and folders that fast, WinCatalog needs to build an index by cataloging all your disks, files and folders. WinCatalog scans each disk (CD, DVD, Hard Drive or any other

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